Byd velkommen med digital gæsteregistrering. Med tablet registrering eller kontaktløs registrering. Som del af en bemandet reception eller ubemandet. I din virksomhed eller på din café.

Welcome your guests with Guestbook digital guest registration

Offer your guests a professional digital guest registration with the Guestbook app. The guests register their information in the digital solution upon arrival and if you want, the system can message the host  when the guest arrives. The guests can also check-out upon departure. Then you will have a complete track record of the guests.

Guestbook can be used anywhere for easy registration - e.g. for your company, organization, co-working space, warehouse, café or restaurant. Guestbook can both be used in a place with reception staff or without any staff.

Guestbook is a digital solution that functions both as a tablet app and a smartphone app (both Android and Iphone apps). You choose whether the guests register in a tablet app or by their own smartphone.

In addition to registration, you can even print name badges. With Guestbook, you comply with the Personal Data Act (GDPR) and your security procedure. 

Registration in your Company

Registration in an Office Community

Registration in a Factory

Registration at a Café or Restaurant

Offer a professional guest registration

With Guestbook digital guest registration, you offer your guests a professional registration upon arrival. Guestbook replaces the traditional pen and paper. With Guestbook, they register either on a tablet app at one or more entrances, or by the guests' own smartphones.

The guests can easily find themselves again the second time and make quick check-in and check-out. And you can also print name badges at the same time they register their arrival.

Få styr på jeres gæster med besøgsliste med oversigt over gæsternes ankomst og afgang.

Get a complete record of your guests

Digital guest registration gives you several benefits. You ensure a complete record of the guests with digital check-in and check-out. You know who came and when they came. And if you want, you can also ask guests to check out again.

Then you have a complete record of your guests with name, date and times. Possibly also who they have visited (hosts). This gives you a clear advantage when we talk about personal data and security procedures. You can sort the guest registrations by date and times, as well as print visitor lists.

Document the visits - if you need to

Digital guest registrations give you an easy way to identify who has visited you and when. It may be a requirement in your company to be able to find data in relation to your security procedure.

It may also be that you are required by the authorities to present documentation. For example, in the light of COVID-19. You will be able to find the registrations in the administration system and print a visit report.

Med Guestbook digitale gæsteregistrering har du altid dokumentationen klar med gæstelisten lige ved hånden.
Brug kontaktløs digital gæsteregistrering til corona sikker gæsteregistrering. Dine gæster scanner en QR kode og registrerer sig via en webside eller i Guestbook Smart App.

Use contactless registration - if you want

In these times of increased focus on hygiene, it makes good sense to offer your guests that they can register their arrival with their own smartphones. They scan a QR code on the spot, where they register for the first time with the necessary information such as name and contact information.

And next time, they just scan the QR code again for quick check-in. The system generates your specific QR code, which you can print yourself - or which we can deliver as labels that are ready for sticking. this solution is well suited for restaurants and cafées. But also for office buildings. Unless you invite teh guests to register in your tablet app.


Print name badges with Guestbook

With Guestbook it is possible to print name badges at the same time as your guests register. It makes special sense when registering guests in a company or organization. With Guestbook's printer software for Windows, simply install the software on a Windows PC.

You can e.g. connect a Brother printer. We cooperate with, which supplies Brother printers, name badges and key chains. If you have severel entrances, you can simply connect each printer for each entrance and the name badge will print on the spot.

Ved digital gæsteregistrering kan dine gæster samtidig få udskrevet deres navneskilte og gæstekort.

Do you have any inquiries?

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Your data is secure with Guestbook

As a software company we take data security seriosuly. You collect and store only the data you need and in accordance with your data policy. You can even set up the system to carry out automatic deletion, for example 30 days after a visit.

You can manually delete data at any time. You have access to user data (the registrations) thorugh the administration system with login.