Purchase a Guestbook license according to your needs

Guestbook digital guest registration is a license-based software solution of which we offer in two different versions: Guestbook Business and Guestbook Pro. If you want simoultanously printing of name badges upon check-in, select Guestbook Pro.

Guestbook license fee, DKK (ex VAT): 6595-8995/year 

We offer Guestbook license on a yearly basis - with unlimited number of registrations. When buying several licenses if the company has several locations, we offer a 10% discount for licenses no. 2 etc. It is also possible to use several check-in places at the same location.


  • Guestbook Business: DKK 6595 / license / year
  • Guestbook Pro: DKK 8995 / license / year
  • 10% discount on the purchase of several licenses
  • Several check-in places: DKK 995 / each / year
  • Start-up fee: DKK 1995 / 2995 (Business / Pro)
  • Free support in the administration (fair use)

Guestbook Business - simple registration

Guestbook Business is used by companies and co-working spaces - either with staff at the reception or without staff. In addition to the guests regsitration of few contact details, Guestbook Business offers other features than "just" registering the guests.

If needed, the host of the visit can be notified upon arrival of the guest. There is also the option that the system can register the delivery of a parcel. You´ll get the guestbook app in your branding with colors, fonts and images. If you need printing of name badges as well, you should go for Guestbook Pro.

Guestbook Pro - name badges

Guestbook Pro allows printing of name badges. Guestbook Pro contains all the same features as Guestbook Business - but also makes it possible to print name badges once the visitor has registered. Guestbook Pro is especially for companies and co-working spaces where a name badge is required.

With Guestbook Pro the name badge is printed automatically as part of the registration. The name badge can contain the company logo, name of guest and company name - and possibly with the name of the employee who will receive the guest. We cooperate with Kongresartikler.dk, which supplies Brother printers, name badges and key chains.